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Essay Structure guidelines for college and university students

Best essay structure

Essay structure is most basic component of academic essay. Writing a good essay is most important and beneficial skill which every student needs in all the disciplines. But only few hours are enough to decide the structure of the essay. Students can learn how to structure an essay very easily. Here in this article we will provide you some simple and easy tips on how to structure an essay. Still, if you cannot follow a specific essay structure, you may seek help from the professional essay writing services.

The very first thing to be kept in mind while writing an essay is that you are going to write the answer of a question. This thing will help you much in planning and structuring your essay easily. By this you will come to know how all the ideas will flow smoothly throughout your essay.

Fundamentally, first you have to look for some key points or main idea. Then arrange these main ideas in ascending order. This will create an outline. This outlineessay structure will work for you as a road map to write complete essay. First you have to put all the points against one another and then address them all separately by forming an argument. If you feel it is complicated then read furthermore the following instructions.

How many paragraphs should be included in Essay Structure

Generally the five paragraphs works good in all types of essays. The first paragraph introduction begins the essay and the last paragraph conclusion ends it. Central three paragraphs serve as main body of the essay. Each paragraph of the body addresses one particular aspect of the essay. The length of the essay body can be extended depending upon how much points you have to discuss in it. The basic structure of the essay must look like the following example:

Introduction to the essay structure 

Essay question and main points or ideas are listed and addressed briefly in this paragraph. It also includes thesis statement at it end. You can also discuss the method you will use in writing your whole essay.

Mostly the academic essays are written in impersonal language such as using words “by the way, so that, therefore, it is suggested” etc. you don’t write the words “I think, I can say” etc unless you are not asked to do so. The closing sentence of the introduction must suggest the first point of essay body to make the essay coherent.

Main Body

As stated earlier it consists of three paragraphs. Each paragraph might have specific main points which you want to discuss. Its length must be extended as much as your main points are discussed. But make sure that each paragraph is linked with former and upcoming paragraph. And hence all the three paragraphs must be linked with introduction and conclusion. So far, all the five paragraphs including introduction, body, and conclusion must be linked to main essay question or argument. This will make best structure of your essay.

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Here you have to summarize all the main points written in the essay body. Think and conclude all the main points in smooth way. Here you also have to state the limitations of your research work. Suggest some further work and ways of research on this topic. You may also be interested in learning how to write a first class dissertation proposal